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7-on-7 Program

The 7-on-7 program is an opportunity to get a ton of local and national exposure, compete against some of the best talent in the country, get great coaching from former College and NFL players and have access to valuable resources that will improve your recruiting position. The players within our organization will also learn the importance of doing well in school and being a positive role model off the field.

Our goal is to help improve the brand of football in the state of Ohio by having a strong competitive off-season development program to help our players grow as student-athletes. The program is designed for top middle school boys 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.


Our youth teams are current 6/7/8 Graders. Our teams are comprised of elite or rising football players from the state of Ohio. Offensive and defensive positions include quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, tight-ends, linebackers, and defensive backs.


This team will compete in:

  • 7on7 Leagues

  • Camps/Clinics

  • Combines/Showcases


These exposure events will highlight the athletes in front of recruiting services (, MaxPreps, ESPN/Scouts,247Sports) to showcase each player's skills against the best competition available.


High School/College football is extremely competitive all over the country. Down south 7-on-7 is a common activity during the off-season to help develop players, and now it is as well in Ohio.

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