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Tutoring Services

This tutoring program is tailored to fit any student grades K-12 looking for extra assistance with school work. Also available is college planning services.

Do you need help with your school work? Are you having trouble keeping up in class? Do you need extra practice with basic concepts? Do you want to improve your grades?

DSA Tutoring is an after school study center focused on homework completion for students in grades K-12. DSA offers a friendly environment, where all students are welcomed. Our staff are very diverse - ranging from HS seniors, college students, and certified tutors.


DSA runs Mon/Wed/Thur from 4:00 to 7:30pm. Additional days can be schedule upon discussion and staff availability.



  • Improve the quality and completion of homework

  • Provide access to laptops/printers

  • Provide mentoring and support

  • Assisting in students becoming independent learners

  • Increase confidence in test taking

  • Teach effective study habits


Academic Development:

Our methods build basic and advanced skills necessary for academic success. Tutors will use real-life examples to provide illustrations on how to discover solutions for work content.

DSA Student Athlete Intake Form

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