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This scholarship is set to provide financial assistance to the recipient as needed. This scholarship as designed to show our support to our youth and community, and help assist in the financial aspect of attending College and/or University. Realizing the value of education that we obtained as a result of varies scholarship opportunities, we have set out to ensure that our high school athletes received a fair shot at obtaining a quality education. Since graduating from college the founders has stood by this commitment and we pride ourselves in creating opportunities for athletes and opening doors of opportunity that had previously been nonexistent. Having researched and been in college, we have pinpointed the characteristics that colleges are in search of Developing Student Athletes Academy Inc.

Scholarship applications will be an equal opportunity. Applications will be received from anyone that has graduated from a high school or prep school programs that has been accepted into a College/University that will be participating in an athletic program.

The specific criteria utilized for the scholarship process will be:

-Must be accepted to an accredited 4-year College or University (Provide Documentation/Copy of Acceptance Letter)

-Participated in a High School sport or Participating on an athletic team at the College/University

-Must be a 2017 Graduate

-Applicants need to write a 200-600 word essay, answering one of the following questions

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